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The Global Oncology-Implementing Science (GOIS) Programs

The Global Oncology University (Go-U), for better cancer control worldwide


Global Oncology-Implementing Science GOIS: Professional Education and training programs for different fields of world Cancer care and scientific approaches, research and implementing science that could lead to increase affordability of better value cancer care in the real world, considering the real interests of all stakeholders and win-win different smart, innovative and collaborative models.

The objective and the focus is on approaches particularly scientific and win-win models that could stimulate a global current to increase affordability of better value cancer care in the real world by many colleagues and concerned stakeholders in the world.

The sole goal is to contribute in real remarkable increase of the affordability of better value cancer care with dignity for millions of underserved cancer patients in low and middle income countries and in rich countries in the real world as well.

As we stress on the term” real world”, then it is logic to emphasize that it should base on smart different win-win models and deals in which all will win. The present winner will gain more, while the present losers will not lose any more and they will get their needed requirements of care

It is not a romantic, non-feasible dream, but, with win -win and scientific smart and innovative approaches it would be possible, but with the collaboration and partnerships of many.

(N.B., we inspire the term “deal” from the endeavor of President F.D, Roosevelt “The New Deal” and the need for big and effective “Global Think Tank”. But, surely, this time we mean approaches and smart innovation that fit the present conditions, incentives and advances in sciences. Ahmed Elzawawy)

As we emphasized by our win-win initiative & , we are not competing or replacing any, but complementing, and collaborating.

This site is mainly for

  • Information, registration, courses, news of the GOIS
  • Information to brief information about the GO-U and links, the win-win initiative, publications, our relevant activities
  • links to other useful world sources to professional cancer education
  • Feedback, suggestions and ideas are welcomed.
  • The Win-Win initiative and the GOIS programs belong to all and surely to you

    Prof. Ahmed Elzawawy

    With the contribution of faculty from renown organizations and institutions

    John Hopkins University, USA

    Harvard University & Dana Farber Cancer Center, USA

    NCI, USA

    Cancer Medicine Dept, University of Oxford, UK

    University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA

    University of Pennsylvania, USA

    International Cancer Experts Corps (ICEC)

    American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)

    Department of Radiation Oncology, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    University Hospital Göteborg, Sweden

    Washington University, USA; Georgetown University, USA; Loyola University, USA

    University of South Florida, Tampa, USA

    National Cancer Institute Egypt

    Clinical Oncology Center, Suez Canal University, Egypt

    Alsoliman Clinical & Radiation Oncology Center, Port Said, Egypt

    Medical Oncology, University of Nairobi, Kenya

    Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Koethen, Germany

    University of Tetova, North Macedonia

    Peace and Love Hospitals, Ghana

    College of Medicine & University College Hospital, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

    Radiation Oncology Center-Strahlentherapie, Singen/Friedrichshafen, Germany; Radiation Knowledge, Arab Medical Association Against Cancer (AMAAC)

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    06 Oct, 2023

    1st GOIS course will start on October 25, 2023

    1st GOIS course will start on October 25, 2023 For more information about the Global Oncology University and the its GOIS

    06 Oct, 2023

    Registration is now open

    Registration (free) starts on October 6, 2023

    14 Oct, 2023

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